About Us

Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul.

Anthony Douglas Williams


About Alurea Conjure

Located on the sunny tropical island of Singapore, Alurea Conjure is a family business providing quality spiritual goods and services. Starting a spiritual practice and becoming a spiritual doctor/teacher has always been a dream of Alurea, the owner.

As someone with master number 11 as the life path, spirituality is an integral part of Alurea’s life journey. Born under the intuitive sign of Pisces and with a grand water trine, Alurea is gifted with heightened psychic awareness and spiritual abilities, allowing her to call on divine beings such as archangels and ascended masters and working closely with them to manifest desired results in the material realm.

Her spiritual practice is heavily influenced by hoodoo rootwork, herbal folk magic, native south american shamanism, and catholic doctrine. Under the guidance of her spiritual court, she hand-crafts authentic sacred products and offers personalised spiritual services to customers all over the world. She loves spreading the knowledge she has gained through years of experience, teaching others how to use spirituality to bring healing, love, balance, and abundance to areas of their lives.

In her free time, Alurea writes whimsical magical stories for children.