Why You Should Stop Finding Your Soul Purpose?

Why You Should Stop Finding Your Soul Purpose?

February 16, 2022

In this blog post, I’ll write briefly about the topic of soul purpose as I realize that there’s plenty of misguided information. Most people clearly have no idea on the subject but are somehow still publishing books to teach others. I suppose they must have felt that content such as meditation to find your soul purpose is always safe (and probably sounds wise) to put down in writing.

First, let me answer the million-dollar question. Does the soul have a divine purpose? Sure, it does, and every single soul is uniquely designed by Our Creator. We’re birthed to ultimately answer a calling.

So how do we find our soul purpose? You don’t. It finds you. Your destiny can never be missed. The Divine aligns people and events in your life to eventually lead you onto the correct path to fulfill your soul purpose. Along the way, you’ll also activate your soul’s blueprint and access its latent talents and abilities. This happens ONLY at the exact moment according to the Divine’s plan, and many unseen factors are at play. It may even time the reveal together with significant universal/world events. We’ve no control over this.

An intentional search for your soul purpose is somewhat a wild goose chase. As a spiritual teacher, I’m asking you to release the desire for control. Let the Divine guide you instead. Believe me, when the moment is ripe, the spirits will make sure you get to where you need to be. It’s when your soul purpose takes precedence over any other personal milestones. This means if, let’s say, starting a family or a romantic relationship may have the potential of distracting you from the divine path, the spirits will not let that come to fruition. Basically, your soul takes center stage and runs the show.

I’ll also want to highlight that in the present lifetime, not everyone will get to discover his or her soul purpose. This is because the soul hasn’t accumulated enough skills and life experiences to take on the tests (yes, you’ll also have to go through a few tests before the big reveal). The spirits will not send a young soul to undertake its important mission since there’s a high possibility the person will fail to make it to the finishing line. Therefore, the majority are still at the “training” stage. Maybe after several incarnations, the soul will wise up and be much prepared. How long that may take? Only the Divine knows.

Having said that, you can definitely speed things up by asking the angels to guide you on what you should do. They will only instruct you one step at a time, so forget about asking them what’s your life purpose. You’re not supposed to know until the stars align. Often, the advice that the angels give will need you to have absolute trust in the Divine as they can be rather daunting with seemingly no tangible benefits. It may even involve you learning an unfamiliar skill or doing something out of your comfort zone. However, whatever they may be, they are essential to getting us closer to our divine authenticity and purpose.

I wish everyone the best in their soul’s journey.

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